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22 Aug 2012
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The pipe piper blows a lively tune,
Melody so rich, you will surely swoon,

Through the narrow street and alleyway,

The rat did not come out to play

The cat did come and it did sat

I bet curiosity kills the cat, 

Listening, a pair of furry ears,

Piper boy takes away its fears.

An audience of one may not be dandy,

However, the cat will come in handy,

He sends the cat to hunt the pesky rats

They hide in the sewage and in the gaps.

The Pipe Piper Boy work will soon be done,

He and the cat has become one.

Oh! I lost the bet, He didn't kill the cat!





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Charlie Gunn wrote
on 22 Aug 2012 9:01 AM

Very nice, no mice.