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27 Jul 2012
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Ballerina   (Re-Draw)

This is a Re-Draw of another drawing I had done earlier in the year. I actually found the original image on a Desktop wallpaper. 

Pencils: B3, B, h, h3, and F

I just realized I never actually uploaded the original so we'll just pretend that this is the original and that the other never really happened for everyone's sake.

Please comment if you enjoyed this drawing. Comments are how we thrive to continue and to do better. 

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philo.yan wrote
on 27 Jul 2012 9:01 AM

Yes, I totally agree with your sentiment that  viewers comments make us improve our art.

This is my tuppence.

The human body is very tricky to draw and I find it most challenging to draw the hand and fingers.

In this drawing,  the hands are drawn nicely. The torso and the legs are also well drawn. Shading could be more subtle.

I would suggest that the eyes be defined instead of darken out and the hair to be softer and flowy instead of thick and heavy.

DaveCorrigan wrote
on 27 Jul 2012 10:44 AM

Thank you for the comment. Shadowing & hair is a week area for me. This is why I chose this image to draw.  

Again thank you for the comment.   :)

giacor wrote
on 9 Aug 2012 6:14 PM

I actually really like the dark shading and the hair! But to me, her forehead seems a little short.. I see that maybe you were trying to foreshorten? Don't take my comments to heart though :) just the only thing I personally would change. I saw this the day you posted it. I love it. Beautiful.