February 2012 Finalist

16 Apr 2012
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February 2012 Finalist
Award Sponsor: RayMar Art
Judge: Michelle Dunaway

Dolls, Books, & Crayons by Daniel Keys
16 x 20 Oil painting

Judge's Comments: The strong composition of this painting is what captured my attention .There are striking visual elements of value and color that punctuate throughout the piece ( such as the tea cup with crayons ) coupled with softer places for the eye to rest and both do so without interrupting the dynamic flow of composition . There is such an inviting story to be explored through the chosen subject and arrangement of elements. The three fluid movements of visual elements intertwining create a strong statement. The "s" shape composition of the white elements intertwined with the curve of the strong primary colors throughout the painting, layered with the grounding effect of the earthtones flowing between and throughout the background. All of this makes for a very visually compelling image and keeps my eye moving throughout the painting. - Michelle Dunaway


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