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6 Apr 2012
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My earlier attempt in "academic" classical drawing.

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don49 wrote
on 9 Apr 2012 4:17 AM

Hi Choon,

I like you're 'life studies' , very precise and good detail  :).

I myself am 'fighting' with portraits :)




Zzutak wrote
on 9 Apr 2012 4:30 AM

This is mighty fine work. How long of a pose is this? Note to myself: get some toned paper!


Choon wrote
on 9 Apr 2012 7:09 PM

Hello Don and Zzutak. Thanks for the kind comments. The drawing, together with the other 2 uploaded, was done in a studio with a life model. it was done in 3 periods of 3-hour sitting. It was hard on the model to hold the position on 3 different days. It was demanding on the prolonged focus on the students as well. I went through the course with the the New England Realist Art Center in Boston, USA. The objective of their teaching is based on classical artistic principle.