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Abstract Snowflake

8 Dec 2011
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This Unique Snowflake is colorful... with Christmas colors; Gold, Red, Green, Silver and of coruse important  meaningful words: LOVE, JOY, PEACE, AND MERRY CHRISTMAS.!.!.!.! All drawn and then colored with gel pens. I started out just doodling and made some designs that went well together that formed this wonderful creation!! I love starting with one line then going from there and ended up with a remarkable one of a kind picture!! I highlighted the words with strands of cute little green Christmas lights. This card was very fun to make. The finished product exceeded my expectations. I am very proud of the design and how it looks. I have never seen anything like it before. That's what makes art so much fun!! Being creative and trying new things! Thank-You and God Bless everyone!! Merry Christmas to ALL!!!! 

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