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At the Beach

24 Nov 2011
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18" x 24"  Painting of my nephew's wife relaxing on the beach.  They have twin boys (see previous post "Owen and Austin")  The three sail boats in the distance represent her husband and twin boys off having some fun while she enjoys some time of her own.

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on 24 Nov 2011 10:07 AM

this is a beautiful painting! Great composition,pose and colors!

Gene Cevasco wrote
on 24 Nov 2011 10:24 AM

Very well done !!

Margo5 wrote
on 24 Nov 2011 1:08 PM

Nice work.

curtis wood wrote
on 24 Nov 2011 4:35 PM

wow beautiful work.

rency wrote
on 25 Nov 2011 12:15 AM

I like the color design white striped towel on her lap and blue and white ocean and sky in the background.  Nice composition. Nice choice of frame too. Well done.

dmac wrote
on 1 Dec 2011 6:07 PM

Wonderful arrangement and delicate use of color! BRAVO!!