4B by John Ebel

31 Oct 2011
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2nd Place--Painting

4B by John Ebel, oil on gessoed Masonite, 16" x 20"

From the artist: I started painting two years ago when I retired. I am self-taught and would describe myself as a contemporary realist. I work exclusively in oil. I have always felt that the artist's job was to show the viewer how to find beauty in the not so obvious. Anyone can find beauty in a sunset or fall foliage, but it's the artist who sees beauty in the decaying landscape of a New England March, or a rusted and discarded object. I found the objects in my painting 4B at a local flea market for a few dollars and developed the composition in my studio after playing around with them. I think in their new configuration they are quite beautiful. I hope that I have done my job as an artist.


Prize Information:

Grand Prize--The Grand Prize winner receives a 6-week full scholarship to the Studio Incamminati in Philadelphia, and up to $3,500 to cover travel expenses, accommodations and art supplies.
Category Winners--The top three winners in each category (Drawing, Painting, Sculpture) will be awarded a Utrecht ArtSmartTM gift card. First place receives a $1,500 ArtSmartTM gift card, second place gets a $750 ArtSmartTM gift card, and third place wins a $500 ArtSmartTM gift card.

Honorable Mentions--The three honorable mentions in each category will receive Certificates of Merit from Utrecht Art Supplies.


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