The Art Student by Daniel Bilmes

31 Oct 2011
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The Art Student by Daniel Bilmes

Oil on linen, 36" x 46"

From the artist: In this painting, I tried to convey the paradoxical journey of the art student, at once illumination and daunting. He sits in a moment of contemplation, surrounded by his tools and studies before returning to the easel.

Artist bio: Daniel Bilmes is an emerging artist in the classicist figurative genre, whose paintings are noted for their elegance, refinement, and serene humanism. He was born in 1989 in Ashland, Oregon, the second of four children. His work aims to capture the character of his subject in the most sensitive and truthful way possible. He achieves this by digging ever deeper into the human experience, looking for hidden insights and bringing them into significance and onto the canvas. In addition to numerous and varied ongoing projects, Daniel teaches at Atelier Maui.

Prize Information:

Grand Prize--The Grand Prize winner receives a 6-week full scholarship to the Studio Incamminati in Philadelphia, and up to $3,500 to cover travel expenses, accommodations and art supplies.
Category Winners--The top three winners in each category (Drawing, Painting, Sculpture) will be awarded a Utrecht ArtSmartTM gift card. First place receives a $1,500 ArtSmartTM gift card, second place gets a $750 ArtSmartTM gift card, and third place wins a $500 ArtSmartTM gift card.

Honorable Mentions--the three honorable mentions in each category will receive Certificates of Merit from Utrecht Art Supplies.


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