The Bob Ross of his time - Jon Gnagy.

26 May 2011
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Do you remember Jon Gnagy!?  He was the Bob Ross of his time.  Or should I say Bob Ross was the Jon Gnagy of his time.  He brought the art of drawing into America's living rooms way back before I was even a glint in my mother's eye.  Enjoy this clip as he shows us how to draw an old Chinese shipping boat.

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thos1art wrote
on 11 Jul 2011 6:45 PM

When I was about eight years old, early Saturday mornings, I'd get up before my parents and with a glass of milk and in my PJ's I'd try to draw what Mr. Gnagy was drawing.

He came on Channel 4 at 7AM and was the highlight of my day.

Thanks for the memories!

agind wrote
on 27 Jul 2011 9:23 PM

When I was very young (in the 1970's), my mother bought me a Jon Gnagy Drawing Instruction Set. I learned a lot from the enclosed instruction book. The supplies included were my first real "pro" drawing instruments. Back then, you couldn't buy art supplies just anywhere.