The Best of Drawing

On the Cover:
Bargue plate drawing by Jayme del
Rosario, courtesy of Judith Pond
Kudlow’s NYK Academy.
Photo by Nathan Kraxberger

The Human Form:
How to Put It All Together

Graphite: The Drawer’s Humble Tool


Materials and Techniques of Renaissance Drawing
by M. Stephen Doherty 

Graphite: The Drawer’s Humble Tool
by Bob Bahr

Custom and Handmade Paper
by Bob Bahr


Masters & Approaches

The Revival of an Influential Drawing Course
by M. Stephen Doherty

Studying Drawing With Professor Eakins
by Gerard Haggerty


The Figure

The Human Form: How to Put It All Together
by Dan Gheno

Representing a Studio Model in an Outdoor Setting
by Sharon Allicotti

The Creative Possibilities of Draping a Model
by Sharon Allicotti

Eleven Reasons to Attend Figure-Drawing Sessions
by Sharon Allicotti



Constable’s Sketchbooks
by Lynne Bahr

Master Landscape Drawings: Evidence & Interpretation
by M. Stephen Doherty


Drawing for Other Media

From Drawing to Canvas
by Joseph C. Skrapits

The Tradition of Drawing From Memory
by Joseph C. Skrapits

Capturing the Muse: Drawings by Sculptors
by Joseph C. Skrapits

Drawing Logic: Drawing for Sculpture
by John Taye 



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