Drawing, Winter 2013

Choosing Color
A sponsored guide to colored pencils.

To Sketch and To Sculpt
Don Gale creates sculptures and drawings that relish the possibilities for drama and movement inherent in the human figure. We sat down with the artist to talk about the role that drawing plays in his practice, how he captures the gesture of a model, and why quick poses are the essence of the artistic process.

Understanding the Anatomy of the Landscape
by Austin R. Williams
Thanks to years of careful observation and diligent study, Thomas Kegler is able to create landscapes that are true to the laws of nature and honor his own vision. 

Why We Draw
We asked several instructors at the American Academy of Art, in Chicago, to share their thoughts on the importance of drawing in an artist’s education. Their answers shed light on many of the ways that drawing can advance one’s practice.

Curator’s Choice: 10 Masterpieces From The Crocker Art Museum
In this new series, we ask leading art institutions to select some of the best drawings from their collections and discuss what artists today can learn from these masterworks. Here, we visit the Crocker Art Museum, in Sacramento, where William Breazeale, the museum’s curator of European art, chose 10 amazing drawings that take us from Mannerist Italy to the bohemian salons of 19th-century France.

Drawing Fundamentals: Measuring the Figure
by Jon deMartin
Using this easy technique, you can measure key proportions in the early stages of drawing and be sure you have an accurate foundation from which to work.

Work With Whatever Works
by Naomi Ekperigin
Pat Averill has worked with colored pencil for more than 20 years. Here, she shares some of the self-taught techniques that continue to invigorate her practice.

Colored Pencil Demonstration: Combining Techniques for a Unified Drawing
by Gary Greene

Megan Seiter: Colored Pencils or Bust
by Naomi Ekperigin
In just three short years, this young artist has developed a signature style andpassion for colored pencil that informs her process for creating emotive still lifes.

Cataloguing Imagination
Artists of all stripes are invited to submit to The Sketchbook Project’s library and touring exhibition.

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