Drawing, Summer 2012


Product Guide: Sketchbooks, Papers, & Drawing Implements

Drawing Fundamentals: Drawing on White and Toned Paper
By Jon deMartin
Toned paper allows artists to achieve stunning effects. In this article, we lay out basic principles about how to match your drawing and shading methods to the tone of your paper.

Drawings From Renaissance Venice
by John A. Parks
A landmark exhibition reveals a treasury of Venetian masterworks, providing an opportunity for in-depth exploration of one of the 
most influential schools of
Western art.

Special Section:
Beyond the Traditional: 8 Artists Who Push the Boundaries of Drawing

Michael Alan:
 A Celebration of Fragility
by Austin R. Williams

Arden Bendler Browning:
 Exuberant Chaos
by Kenneth J. Procter

Dawn Clements: Breaking Out ofthe Frame
by John A. Parks

Joan Wadleigh Curran: Decay and Regeneration
by Naomi Ekperigin

Suzi Davidoff:
 Layers of Desert
by Kenneth J. Procter

Greg Eason:
 Surrounded by Space
by Austin R. Williams  

Antony Gormley: 
Public Sculptures,
 Private Drawings
by John A. Parks

Tony Orrico: Drawing at the Speed of Daylight
by Austin R. Williams

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