Drawing, Summer 2010

On the Cover:
Wet Hair (detail, reversed)
by Jonathan J. Ahn, 2009, charcoal,
24 x 18. Collection the artist.











Choosing the Right Drawing Paper

by Karen Meyer-Berthel
The many differences between drawing papers can be so subtle that it is not always easy to fully appreciate the various advantages that certain brands and papers offer. We asked six artists and several paper manufacturers for information to help you get the most out of your drawing paper.

Cover Competition Winners
Choosing the winners of this year’s Drawing Cover Competition was no easy feat. Hundreds of artists submitted work that demonstrated a passion for the art of drawing. The following 10 artists stood out from the rest with their skill and commitment, employing any tool or technique that would best capture their subject.

Drawing Fundamentals: Drawing Tapering and Flaring Forms
by Jon deMartin
By knowing how to draw forms that contract in places and expand in others, an artist can accurately depict many complex, natural shapes, including the human figure.

The Body Speaks: The Charcoal Drawings of Julian Farrar
by John A. Parks
This English artist uses the humble pencil to create works of vast scale, dramatic power, and psychological depth.

Searching for Drawing Materials Used by the Italian Masters
by M. Stephen Doherty
Matthew J. Collins—an instructor at Charles H. Cecil studios in Florence—has been conducting research into drawing instruments and papers similar to those used centuries ago by the great Italian artists.

Drawing the Line: The Role of Drawing in Alternative Media
by Kenneth J. Procter
Line can be a visible, creative force in many media that are not traditionally thought of as drawing—including painting, printmaking, and sculpture—suggesting that possibilities for drawing extend far beyond pencil and paper.

Take a Tonal Approach to Creating Portraits
by Bob Bahr
Los Angeles artist Ira Korman makes powerful portraits using charcoal and stump.

Drawing Contemporary Figures Using Traditional Methods
by M. Stephen Doherty
Todd Yeager depicts the often gritty and isolated world of urban youth using the traditional method of building up hatched and crosshatched lines on toned surfaces.

The Art of Dugald Stermer: Grace on the Printed Page
by John A. Parks
This California illustrator employs a simple technique backed by acute observation and sheer good taste.



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