Drawing, Spring 2012


Choose Your Own Adventure
By Naomi Ekperigin
Aron Wiesenfeld’s figurative drawings and paintings are rich with meaning and wonderfully ambiguous, inviting viewers to create their own narratives and feel a sense of kinship with the artist’s young protagonists.

A Many-Sided Approach to the Figure
By Austin R. Williams
Dan Thompson advocates an artistic process that encompasses many strategies, in order to utilize and celebrate the complexity of learning how to represent life through drawing.

By the Line
By Courtney Jordan
Canadian artist Kelly Wallace 
depicts chaotic wreckage and debris in his graphite drawings created almost entirely with short, straight lines.

How to Find Form
By Dan Gheno
The challenge of producing convincing three-dimensional form on a two-dimensional surface has fascinated—and at times confounded—artists for thousands of years. Here are strategies to help give your figure drawings a powerful, convincing sense of volume and depth.

What’s in a Face?
The winners of the Drawing Self-Portrait Cover Competition.

A Different Kind of Drawing
By Naomi Ekperigin
In her mixed media works, Meagan Shein uses unpredictable materials to explore complex ideas centered around displacement and decay.
First Look: New Drawings by Alexey Steele
Filling in the White Space
By Courtney Jordan
Dense patterns and pen strokes distinguish Roz Leibowitz’s peculiar drawings, allowing the artist to explore subtly subversive narratives hidden in not-so-plain sight.

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