Drawing, Fall 2009

On the Cover:
Dawn (detail, reversed)
by Dirk Dzimirsky, 2009, charcoal on canvas,
40 x 55. Collection the artist.


Editor's Note

Weekend With the Masters Review

Express What’s Universal


Where to Study Drawing: A Sponsored Guide to Some of the Best Education Programs
Here’s a brief review of some of the strongest drawing programs open to artists of all levels of experience and styles of expression.

Finding the Mythic in the Mundane
by John A. Parks
Veteran figurative artist Sidney Goodman builds potent images from the stuff of daily life.

The Expressiveness of the Human Back
by Kenneth J. Procter
Nude or draped, the back has played a dramatic role in figurative art.

How Photos and Photorealism Can Be Freeing
by John A. Parks
Dirk Dzimirsky uses charcoal on canvas to create drawings that are both intensely real and very much alive.

Drawing Fundamentals: Modeling Planes (Available Online)
by Jon deMartin
Objects look convincing when a draftsman models the form correctly. Here, we take it step by step to ensure accuracy and a solid foundation.

The Power of Positive (and Negative) Thought When Drawing the Figure
by Dan Gheno
Learn how to use positive and negative shapes to solve practical problems of proportion and volume in your figure drawings.

Express What’s Universal
by Bob Bahr 
Artist and instructor James Langley finds that slightly idealizing the figures he draws helps them convey universal traits that connect with  the viewer.

Graphite in the Hands of an Indisputable Master
by Ephraim Rubenstein
Whether at a court ball or at a burial, on the street or in a moving train, the German draftsman Adolph Menzel (1815–1905) exploited every opportunity that presented itself to record on paper whatever caught his eye.


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