American Artist Weekend with the Masters

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American Artist Weekend with the Masters


Weekend With the Masters 2012

American Artist’s Weekend With the Masters Workshop & Conference continues to be the leading art-education event, bringing together some of the most celebrated artist-instructors of our time for four days of workshops, demos, presentations, panel discussions, and special events. Now in its fourth year, Weekend With the Masters has gained an international reputation of offering painters a one-of-a-kind educational experience that continues to inform their work long after the event concludes.

Weekend With the Masters attracts participants from around the world, who are eager to have access to the high level of instruction and inspiration that a diverse group of figure, portrait, still life, and plein air instructors bring to the event each year. It offers practicing artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts an opportunity to experience firsthand the level of skill, intellect, and understanding that goes into creating a work of art of significance and impact. Through their observation and study of the varying practices and philosophies that co-exist in the representational art world today, participants are able to discover new styles and methods of training to inform their current and future artistic direction.

One of the most important aspects of Weekend With the Masters is the camaraderie and connection it fosters among artists. The lively and thought-provoking discussions that take place—both formal and informal—help bring clarity to the individual and collective goals of representational art. Weekend With the Masters 2012 will further encourage that dialogue by creating a forum for today’s painters to consider the historical tradition in which they practice, their motivation for painting, their current style, how it is similar to or different from other strains of realism, and how what they’re doing fits into the larger contemporary-art picture.

This is also a special year for Weekend With the Masters, as American Artist is celebrating its 75th Anniversary. Weekend With the Masters will continue to commemorate the magazine’s enduring legacy by bringing its pages to life in a hands-on, highly energetic, all-access event for artists of all levels. 

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