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  • Watercolor posting

    Hello, I am a new member. I started back painting when I retired in 2011. Many years ago I painted in oils, but the smells really gave my sinus a fit. I finally gave that and many years later I started playing around with photo manipulation and digital art. Over time that just made me miss the feel of...
    Posted to Watermedia (Forum) by guitar1 on 29 Aug 2014
  • Arches Watercolor Paper Watermarks And Embossed Seals

    Normal.dotm 0 0 1 346 1976 HiffnHoffer 16 3 2426 12.0 0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false Throughout the years, Arches has changed both their watercolor paper and their watermarks numerous times. While they claim that their paper is the same now as it was in 1498, it’s not. They also claim...
    Posted to Watermedia (Forum) by William J Senior on 27 Apr 2013

    Dear People, I am a botanical artist using watercolour as a media. I am trying to be more active in these social networks, so I have prepared a page in facebook to exhibit some of my paintings. Feedback are important for me to improve my art. If you have a few minutes, please check my page EARTHY And...
    Posted to Watermedia (Forum) by yesil on 3 Jun 2012
  • Critique anyone?

    Hello: My name is Harrison Collazo and I'm looking for honest, constructive critiques about my art in the hopes that I can learn to improve it. I just started my MFA in illustration at the Academy of Art of San Francisco and it would be nice to get feedback from different artists so that I can improve...
    Posted to Watermedia (Forum) by hcollazo2000 on 25 Mar 2011
  • abstract paintings on canvas,

    Hi my name is mullerjeanfrancois I do art,If you interested in any piece please let me know.I hope you enjoy my Art I am an artist who works in many different types of media; oil, acrylic, abstract paintings on canvas,
    Posted to Acrylic (Forum) by artmuller2003 on 10 Nov 2010
  • Art Cool Art

    I'm going to try to upload a painting I just finished. It's acrylic on watercolor paper. I painted it to go into my Art Cool LG heating/air conditioning unit. Art meets comfort. The painting looks great in the Art Cool - just as if it was framed and hanging on the wall as a regular framed piece...
    Posted to Acrylic (Forum) by helen sullivan on 2 Aug 2010
  • Quick Sketch with Photo of Subject

    I did a quick ink and watercolor sketch of a bouquet my daughter sent for my birthday and put the sketch next to the flowers for this photograph. It was fun to see the two together, and I thought others might enjoy the comparison as well. I did the blossoms first with quick washes of magenta, red, mauve...
    Posted to Watermedia (Forum) by Patvkw on 24 Jan 2010
  • Re: Your favorite Watercolor Paper Is?

    I love 140 lb. ARCHES Cold Press watercolor paper. When I teach my watercolor classes I recommend they try various papers for a while, so they can choose their own favorite. Inevitably it appears that most choose the Arches Cold Press 140. It has a great all around purpose. It seems 300 lb ARCHES is...
    Posted to Watermedia (Forum) by EvelynValdezMartinez on 21 Jan 2010
  • Re: Plein Air Watercolor

    I love to paint plein air with watercolor on small sheets of Twinrocker Handmade Watercolor paper which is about 200 lb. and has a natural deckled edge all around. This slightly heavier paper than the average 140 lb. makes it easy to handle and turn while painting without kinking, and the natural deckled...
    Posted to Watermedia (Forum) by Kathryn Clark on 5 Oct 2009
  • Art Technical QA&: Stretching watercolor paper

    Stretching Watercolor Paper Do you have any pointers for stretching watercolor paper on stretcher bars to create a “gallery-wrap” type painting? Is there any type of spray finish that could be applied to a watercolor that won’t be placed under glass? To stretch watercolor paper on stretcher...
    Posted to Art Technical Q & A (Forum) by American Artist on 10 Mar 2009