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  • How to get a job as an Illustrator/Artist?

    Hello! I'm a bit new here so sorry if I posted in the wrong section haha But basically... I'm 20 years old living in the UK, Liverpool and have always wanted to be an artist. Whether it be illustrating books, freelance, working for a company etc. But I just don't know where to start... The...
    Posted to Outside the Studio (Forum) by Moustachi on 26 Jun 2014
  • usage of kneadable eraser

    i'm having a very tough time with "dabbing" a kneadable eraser in order to smudge out charcoal and blending. please help!
    Posted to Beginners (Forum) by joe mo on 7 Jan 2014
  • Need advice for Cartooning

    Can anyone give me useful tips on drawing cartoons? This can mean what supplies I should buy, what I should do with my pencil before drawing, and etc.
    Posted to Beginners (Forum) by 123456qwert on 7 Mar 2011
  • Painting again

    What is a painter to do when all she thinks about is painting and creating and yet nothing inspires her enough to begin painting again?
    Posted to Beginners (Forum) by efontanez on 22 May 2010
  • New to the community, looking for a bit of advice.

    Hello everyone, glad I actually found someplace like this. Here's the thing my drawing skills are quite lacking. I would really like to improve and I hear the best way is to practice. I'm starting up a routine to do at least 20 mins of drawing a day mostly gesture sketches and the like. My question...
    Posted to Beginners (Forum) by Prophet710 on 21 Apr 2010