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  • GIMP/Pixel art: Help!!

    Hello everyone, I'm new here. I have a little question (don't know if I'm asking it in the right part of AD): how can I have a high size or resollution in my pixel drawings wiht just, for example, 16 bits? I'm using GIMP for my creations.
    Posted to Art Technical Q & A (Forum) by Cactocat on 29 May 2015
  • Anybody have any experiences with Tight'n'up?

    Hi, I'm new to artist daily, so excuse my newbyness, Have you tried Masterpiece Tight'n'Up? A friend bought me a bottle to help relieve sagging in the canvas. I've used it several times now, and it seems to do the job and quickly. I'm wondering what peoples thought's are on this...
    Posted to Art Technical Q & A (Forum) by sjdstudio on 14 Jul 2013
  • Preparing an oil painting for varnish

    I just finished a piece with quite a bit of rough impasto passages and was looking for advice on how best to clean the surface before varnishing. Also, is it easier to spray on the varnish or brush it on. Thanks, Dastu
    Posted to Art Technical Q & A (Forum) by dastu23 on 5 Aug 2011
  • alkyd paint as oil primer

    can i use a regular titanium white alkyd paint as substitute for oil ground? can i put it onto my gessoed canvas and use it after a few days? would the effect be the same and would there be no problem in the future?
    Posted to Art Technical Q & A (Forum) by xndr on 12 Oct 2009
  • Art Technical Q&A: Preparing substrates

    How do you prepare hardboard for oil painting? What are the advantages of Masonite over canvas? Does one have more value to a collector than the other? Hardboard is a composite of shredded, compacted, and compressed wood fibers held together by lignin, a natural, sticky wood derivative. Known also as...
    Posted to Art Technical Q & A (Forum) by American Artist on 10 Mar 2009