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  • oil portrait

    Guillermo Garzon, 24" x 30# Oil on Canvas> Can't figure out how to get picture up : ( www.jenniferbilek.com
    Posted to Portraiture (Forum) by jbportraits on 11 Jan 2012
  • Re: Work in progress - my copy of Martinez self-portrait from November issue

    No more alla prima , I had to wait some days to make the colors dry. Also as from the magazine I could not figure out the color shifts, I went to Martinez site to see the original, and in this way I was able to finish the portrait. see more photos of the process on http://realpainter.blogspot.com/2011...
    Posted to Portraiture (Forum) by pagnes on 23 Oct 2011
  • Work in progress - my copy of Martinez self-portrait from November issue

    I really enjoy the November issue with great realist artists and the two step by step exercises I am doing a copy of Martinez self-portrait, have cropped the image to fit 30x40cm canvas. I've done the sketch directly from the magazine, but as I have seen some inaccuracy, I have printed it out in...
    Posted to Portraiture (Forum) by pagnes on 17 Oct 2011
  • Stéphanie Oil by Brian Roy

    Portrait of my friend Stéphanie. The painting is oil on gessoed Masonite panel. The oil was mixed with and alkyd mixture to make the oil be tin but also dry faster. In this process I can build layers to create luminosity but also have thicker wet on wet were needed in the final layer. For some...
    Posted to Portraiture (Forum) by Brian Roy on 25 Dec 2010
  • My style of portrait!

    Hi, i'm started painting in oil a year ago. And these are some pieces. Thanks for your all comments!
    Posted to Portraiture (Forum) by banhxukem on 21 Mar 2010
  • Second portrait in oil 8 x 10 on canvas board

    I'm new here so I may be posting this in the wrong section. I'm working on my second portrait ever, (the first portrait, a self portrait ,18 x 24 oil on canvas, posted on a previous thread on this site), is of my brother and future sister-in-law to be given as a wedding present. I'm in the...
    Posted to Portraiture (Forum) by GAINESS on 18 Mar 2010
  • Self Portrait

    This is a self portrait study in oil on canvas on 5"x7". Would love any input.
    Posted to Portraiture (Forum) by spokaneartist on 15 Feb 2010
  • Soliciting suggestion and critiques

    Friends, I haven't posted for quite sometime on this forum, ever since I went back to full-time work force. Tried to do some weekends paintings as much as I can. Here's my latest painting currently being done for a friend. As usual, I'm struggling with the background landscape and would like...
    Posted to Portraiture (Forum) by christenmu on 13 Feb 2010
  • My workshop painting from a live model

    Hi all, I've been attending a workshop at Palette and Chisel recently and will like to share a vignette painting of a head study. Learned a lot from this workshop. C and C are welcome.
    Posted to Portraiture (Forum) by christenmu on 1 Aug 2009
  • Dog portrait study

    This is my first dog portrait. I know I still cannot completely stay away from people's portrait. It's from a photo reference of my friend and her pet dog and the dog's eye color caught my attention. Although it is the effect of flash, I kept it since it is interesting. Tried to do lots of...
    Posted to Portraiture (Forum) by christenmu on 16 Jun 2009