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  • dried out pastels?

    I recently pulled out a set of pastels, and this one brand almost exploded into dust when applied to the surface. My question, is there a way to re-introduce some moisture into the pastels so they hold together to some degree?
    Posted to Pastel (Forum) by HARRY R. GRAY on 1 Jan 2015
  • Re: sanded pastel paper

    Sorry, no one has been forthcoming to help you with your question. I used to paint with the sandies but I've switched to the oil pastels..... Dust you know!! I have and still paint on watercolor paper, masonite (hard board), and canvas panels and birch plywood panels. All of these surfaces, I first...
    Posted to Pastel (Forum) by halsart on 2 Jun 2013
  • sanded pastel paper

    My instructor has recommended preparing a sanded surface myself when I complained of the difficulty of finding sanded pastel papers, but he is primarily an oil painter, and offered no instructions. What paper/board, what substance should I use to get the sanded texture?
    Posted to Pastel (Forum) by njMargaret on 24 Feb 2013
  • Re: Finishing chalk pastel pieces

    Many fixatives WILL darken your lightest colours, or even all of your colours, and you have to be very careful with the final layers of your paintings. Remember that it will be framed behind glass, so that gives permanent protection, but if you spray ANY fixative heavily on your finished work, you WILL...
    Posted to Pastel (Forum) by jackiesimmonds on 12 Dec 2011
  • Re: Finishing chalk pastel pieces

    I've been using pastels for quite a few years now and the only thing I find fixatives good for is when a mistake is made, and the paper is in danger of being overworked, I take off as much pastel as I can and use fixative on the paper so that pastel will be able to adhere to it. some people might...
    Posted to Pastel (Forum) by DianeC14 on 21 May 2011
  • Re: I LOVE Pastels!!

    To me Conte is the ultimate for fine detail, because one can sharpen them to a point. You can get a good point with a sharped Nupastel also. My absolute fave pastel is a German made Schmincke, They are the richest, most butter like pastel out there, when you lay down a line, its so rich, it looks like...
    Posted to Pastel (Forum) by thornburgart on 14 May 2010
  • Re: Where are all the pastel painters?

    hi there barbara, i also love to work with pastels, i liked your blog you can check out my blog there is some pastels paintings and will be happy to read your comment here is the link to my blog ; ronatalie.blogspot.com
    Posted to Pastel (Forum) by roniyana on 9 Mar 2010
  • a dance in pastel

    hi there every one , thanks for this forum where everyone can share there works and point of view that is so cool, here are some of my pastels , i love to work in pastel , it is a direct medium that capture the present moment so well and it is ideal for painting outside the studio too, i will be happy...
    Posted to Pastel (Forum) by roniyana on 9 Mar 2010
  • Re: Where are all the pastel painters?

    so good to see that I am not the only one working with all sorts of different pastels
    Posted to Pastel (Forum) by Isa Kirk on 28 Feb 2010
  • Re: Where are all the pastel painters?

    Hi Barbara: I'm new to this forum and I noticed your posting of over four months ago. I just intro'd myself on the welcome section and I assume someone will see it sooner or later. This isn't a very active forum and, there are other pastel forums you can try if you want someone to reply within...
    Posted to Pastel (Forum) by DianeC14 on 12 Oct 2009