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  • New here...Here are some paintings

    Hi all, First I want to say that I am impressed with this website and this particular forum. The paintings here are amazing! I recently “came out” to the world and opened a website to share my paintings that until today were hidden in my house. I am a young Israeli artist, and my main inspiration...
    Posted to Oil (Forum) by ShellyCohenArt on 22 Jun 2011
  • Tempera Underpainting

    with oil paints ,some colors are naturally transparent.(oxides,lakes,etc.) The 15th + 16th Century Masters knew that in order to give these colors their maximum luminosity, and take full advantage of a wide variety of tones and tints with each pure color, these could to be layered ,one upon the other...
    Posted to Oil (Forum) by pelizzari on 16 Feb 2011
  • Re: under painting

    I believe the important thing to remember is that there are no rules in art except those of not mixing non-compatible substances. Don't want any undesirable chemical reactions. Perhaps you could try a few small, simple pieces with a few different under colors and determine what you like best for...
    Posted to Oil (Forum) by slwaldon on 2 Sep 2010
  • Haiku Corner: time lapse of my painting technique

    I painted this from a photograph a friend posted online. I took a photo after each painting session, around 1-3 hours each.
    Posted to Oil (Forum) by dman508 on 28 Feb 2010
  • Re: Oil Studies

    Thank you Margo. Here is another one. I just read Richard Schmids' Alla Prima book. That is a keeper. This is a 12x9 oil on canvas paper.
    Posted to Oil (Forum) by Gregory Becker on 20 Feb 2010