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  • Critique my Painting please

    Hello everyone. I am new to these forums and I wanted to know get some feed back on my oil painting. You can see the rest of my work at the links below. http://www.coroflot.com/Nigma32/portfolio https://instagram.com/nigma_32/ https://www.facebook.com/nigmaArt
    Posted to Oil (Forum) by nigma32 on 20 May 2015
  • "How and when should varnish be used?"

    Hi All, I need help in applying varnish in the painting. I found the idea from "homework" by Morgan Weistling and there he said , spray varnish every next day on painting. But my confusion is , why it is needed to varnish everyday and what if painting is not completely dry? After varnish should...
    Posted to Oil (Forum) by simipatel on 10 May 2013
  • Re: using oil and or alkyds

    Thanks for the link to fastmatte. I had originally read that alkyds could be mixed at a 50% ratio to turps or as I use OMS. I found this mixture to be unsatisfactory for the underpainting so am happy to try the mixture of galkyd and gamsol. This may work better. Many of my paintings are done alla prima...
    Posted to Oil (Forum) by swbarcone on 28 Dec 2012
  • Yearly Bunkhouse Art Show

    In Cypress Mills,Texas(Hill Country east of Austin, Texas) We have a big spring show every year. I sold three small paintings. This is a 5x7 that sold. I believe things are picking up as we sold alot more larger pieces of art this year than the past few years. How many other artists are noticing the...
    Posted to Oil (Forum) by eubie on 31 Mar 2012
  • Mixing Acrylics with Water Mixable Oils

    We wanted to set the record straight. There are companies out there that claim that mixing WMO and Acrylics is fine. It's not. It all goes back to the rule of fat over lean , or better represented as elastic over inelastic . Here's the statement from our technical advisor as well as the conservation...
    Posted to Oil (Forum) by kyle at Royal Talens on 7 Aug 2011
  • Re: Art Blog Update: Portrait

    Enjoyed your blog! You seem to have a good control of oils. Have you tried layered techniques? You can achieve such a deeper modeling when using them. best wishes, Delmus Http://www.easy-oil-painting-techniques.org
    Posted to Oil (Forum) by dmoosegang on 2 Jul 2011
  • Tempera Underpainting

    with oil paints ,some colors are naturally transparent.(oxides,lakes,etc.) The 15th + 16th Century Masters knew that in order to give these colors their maximum luminosity, and take full advantage of a wide variety of tones and tints with each pure color, these could to be layered ,one upon the other...
    Posted to Oil (Forum) by pelizzari on 16 Feb 2011
  • Renaissance Painting Techniques for Contemporary Artists

    The "ATELIER NEO MEDICI" believes that in order to create constant Art, i.e., Art which transcends the fashionable, it is necessary for the artist to have had a comprehensive background in traditional old master painting techniques. The quality of a painting can be assessed in terms of it's...
    Posted to Oil (Forum) by pelizzari on 31 Jan 2011
  • landscapes

    Posted to Oil (Forum) by eubie on 16 Aug 2010
  • Texas landscape/oil

    Getting back to oils after 30 some years of not painting,switched and took lessons in acrylics 6 years ago.but I am wondering how this picture is viewed by others. It is 24x16.I keep thinking it has a slight feel of Grandmother Moses, the small trees seem to lollypopish to me..what to do? Or am I too...
    Posted to Oil (Forum) by eubie on 22 Apr 2010