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  • Re: Acrylics over watercolor?

    I have been considering this same problem. The key to remember is that with watercolors you leave the white of the paper as your white and gradually build up your darks. Whereas, with acrylics (and oils) you put your darks down first and add lighter and lighter colors finishing it off with white as your...
    Posted to Watermedia (Forum) by judithburns on 10 Jun 2015
  • Please critique my work, I want to create textile designs out of my artwork. Thanks

    Posted to Mixed Media (Forum) by Jade Michele Griffin on 18 Apr 2015
  • abstract painting "Black and White"

    Posted to Acrylic (Forum) by eubie on 3 Feb 2014
  • New- Wildlife/Nature Inspired Impressionistic Oil Pastels

    Hello! I'm new to this site and completely new/green to the world of oil pastels. I am not a visual artist but rather an environmental science/experiential outdoor educator and I adore wildlife ecology, the natural world, and impressionistic/naive style art. I recently came across a lovely book of...
    Posted to Pastel (Forum) by Alleghany14 on 2 Feb 2014
  • Acrylic over Watercolor

    I want to explore using acrylic on my watercolor paintings. Anyone out there doing this already? If so, what paper are you using? I just bought the fairly new Strathmore Mixed Media paper to try.
    Posted to Watermedia (Forum) by DianaInCA on 21 Mar 2012
  • Computerized: ballpoint pen and ink

    Hey folks, here's a computer software creation that derives from a ballpoint pen drawing. A ballpoint pen was first manufactured in 1938 and today out sells all other writing or art mediums. Several hundred billion ballpoint pen have hit the market or hands of people throughout history. During that...
    Posted to Other Media (Forum) by Jerry Stith on 20 Feb 2010
  • Re: Welcome all Mixed Media Artists!

    Ok, Karen. Here is one. It is my ugly rock painting. I am not very happy with it, but it was even worse before I added the gouache to it. It has gone from ugly-ugly to just ugly. I figure that is a step up. Well we can't win them all, and I am having fun learning. It is a lot easier for me to experiment...
    Posted to Mixed Media (Forum) by Margo5 on 16 Jan 2010
  • Re: mixed media

    Another one of my experiments. 7 1/2 x 11 Arches 140 lb cold press. Ink and watercolor.
    Posted to Mixed Media (Forum) by Margo5 on 10 Jan 2010
  • Re: colored pencil

    OK, I am getting ready to attack my cat (portrait that is -- I don't have a cat). This is a study. I just couldn't make myself pick up the paintbrush and start in on my 300 lb. 1/4 sheet of Arches, so I'm am doing a fall-back study first. Of course it will probably come out really neat because...
    Posted to Drawing (Forum) by Margo5 on 31 Dec 2009
  • Re: colored pencil

    I originally put this question under mixed media, but this may be a more appropriate spot to post it. I have already gotten some good information on painting fur from several different people and owe a special thanks to Robin; however, I think I have pinpointed my real question. Evidently, colored pencils...
    Posted to Drawing (Forum) by Margo5 on 30 Dec 2009