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  • "How do you avoid mud when mixing toned or grayed color?"

    Hi all, please help me with mixing colors. ..and how to avoid muddy and grayed dull color...... Thanks Simi
    Posted to Oil (Forum) by simipatel on 10 May 2013
  • Tempera Underpainting

    with oil paints ,some colors are naturally transparent.(oxides,lakes,etc.) The 15th + 16th Century Masters knew that in order to give these colors their maximum luminosity, and take full advantage of a wide variety of tones and tints with each pure color, these could to be layered ,one upon the other...
    Posted to Oil (Forum) by pelizzari on 16 Feb 2011
  • Renaissance Painting Techniques for Contemporary Artists

    The "ATELIER NEO MEDICI" believes that in order to create constant Art, i.e., Art which transcends the fashionable, it is necessary for the artist to have had a comprehensive background in traditional old master painting techniques. The quality of a painting can be assessed in terms of it's...
    Posted to Oil (Forum) by pelizzari on 31 Jan 2011
  • Re: Oil Paint Medium HELP!

    Margo, Thanks for all the information. My thinner is Gamsol , which isn't citrus based. I do think my whole problem was the addition of the two oils because the majority of my oils are Graham paints, which has a base of walnut oil, rather then linseed oil. I have now made a new medium of 3 parts...
    Posted to Oil (Forum) by jackie mcintyre on 14 Feb 2010
  • Re: Oil Paint Medium HELP!

    I know that everybody has different opinions about their favorite mix or recipe when it comes to painting and I have a feeling that when it comes to oil paints many variables come into play. For example, does the artist prefer to paint wet-into-wet, paint thick, paint thin, paint fat over lean, are they...
    Posted to Oil (Forum) by Margo5 on 5 Feb 2010