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  • White on the palette

    A really good tip that I just recently read about.. Make two piles of your white. One for dipping into for mixing your warm colors. And one for dipping into for your cool colors.. I just used this method and it is amazing . And at the end of my painting session, I make two mud piles, one cool one and...
    Posted to Oil (Forum) by eubie on 4 Aug 2011
  • REDONE Texas Landscape

    Posted to Oil (Forum) by eubie on 17 May 2010
  • REDONE Texas Landscape

    Posted to Oil (Forum) by eubie on 17 May 2010
  • Texas landscape/oil

    Getting back to oils after 30 some years of not painting,switched and took lessons in acrylics 6 years ago.but I am wondering how this picture is viewed by others. It is 24x16.I keep thinking it has a slight feel of Grandmother Moses, the small trees seem to lollypopish to me..what to do? Or am I too...
    Posted to Oil (Forum) by eubie on 22 Apr 2010
  • Re: Achieving transparent washes in oil

    David, I think he drags dry paint over an lighter tone transparent underpainting leaving a lot of the underpainting showing through. It is hard to see this kind of detail in the small images on his website. His work has a beautiful soft tonal quality. Happy you posted his name.
    Posted to Oil (Forum) by Lili Anne Laurin on 13 Oct 2009