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  • nude painting unknown artist

    i recently bought this lovely painting from a Miami estate, it has been on the wall for over 60 years the painting shows very much quality, the signature is hard to make out, possibly bayer, boyer, E Soyer ? maybe someone knows this artist and could help me identify the artist thank you
    Posted to Community Help (Forum) by troyjoseph on 7 Oct 2013
  • Re: Has anyone heard of useing shellac to age an oil painting?

    exactly.... you will not age it in the way you prob may want...i''tll *** your painting up.....in a couple years...it might make it better....go for it...dont be afraid to destroy something you love ...tis the first rule to artistry
    Posted to Feedback and Suggestions (Forum) by scotchalexander on 4 Apr 2012
  • Searches

    How much trouble would it be in the Members Gallery to allow us to look at all the work posted by a particular artist with a mouse click? What I mean is if I click on a particular piece that I really like, I could click on an "all work by this artist" spot and see all of their posted work.
    Posted to Feedback and Suggestions (Forum) by Clothyard on 1 Mar 2010
  • Media

    How do I insert media in comments?
    Posted to Community Help (Forum) by Lili Anne Laurin on 6 Oct 2009
  • Re: How to Post Images in the Media Gallery

    In order to upload or view any images and/or post in any forums, you will first want to register and become a member. You’ll notice the large red “join now” boxes on your screen in the top right corner. Click the button and follow the instructions there to become part of the site. •...
    Posted to Community Help (Forum) by Karyn on 8 Dec 2008
  • Copyright Notices needed

    I'm not seeing any copyright notices - or if they are there then they're not obvious. In my experience it's something people need to be reminded about. There's a tendency now on some social networking sites for members to think you can grab an image which somebody has uploaded and then...
    Posted to Feedback and Suggestions (Forum) by makingamark on 11 Oct 2008