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  • Me and my sketchbook

    10 years of not making art. One jaded heart. 18 days, 23,000 km and 2 sketchbooks. I packed my bag and drew my heart out. Enjoy All else can seen on my website @www.cherngzhi.com
    Posted to Drawing (Forum) by czlian on 12 Jul 2013
  • Re: Graphite- "Making of a leader"

    I have Parkinson's Disease and always seeking tips to improve (overcome) tremors in my hands while painting, drawing, sketching, etc. as I take plenty of Sinemet and Aricept for the conditions of Parkinson's. Due to cost of doctors and many other medications, my funds are limited when it comes...
    Posted to Drawing (Forum) by Tremors on 19 Jul 2012
  • Movement in drawing (indian ink)

    I wanted to add movement and freedoom to my sketches so I thought of drawing with the wood part of the brush, I think I'll explore it because it seems to add some kind of expression (sorry if i don't use the right technical words in english, it's not my native language :| ) video drawing...
    Posted to Drawing (Forum) by CatarinaArtes on 12 Apr 2011
  • Re: Dan Gheno Articles - Please Publish a Book

    Hi Karyn, Thanks for your reply. I have downloaded all of the articles you suggested, previously. Thanks for the suggestion. I really love Dan's work, and also, Jon De Martin's articles from the Drawing magazine. I would like to see Jon's articles also included in a "Drawing" book...
    Posted to Drawing (Forum) by bobmartin on 17 Feb 2010
  • Drawing Open Studio / Life Drawing - (tips on getting a group started)

    Hi, Are you thinking about starting a life drawing group or have one already going? We have a great open studio life drawing group going here in Herndon Virginia (near Dulles Airport) every Wednesday night (7-10pm) that has continued steadily for over a year now. Now that this cool forum exists through...
    Posted to Drawing (Forum) by triciaratliff on 30 Sep 2009
  • Re: Bargue Drawing Course

    Hi DaleA - Glad to hear you're having a go at the Bargue course! As far as the book-binding, I've read the same thing about it being poorly bound. Honestly, I don't see any problems with mine, but I haven't gotten so far that I've tried scanning pages from the middle of the book yet...
    Posted to Drawing (Forum) by DanielH on 18 Jul 2009
  • Re: This Saturday, June 6: Drawing Day. Post your drawings here!

    Here's my entry for Drawing Day: It's called The Prisoner:
    Posted to Drawing (Forum) by LordBishop08 on 6 Jun 2009