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  • Re: Landscape and Texture in Charcoal

    Thank you for your comments and enthusiasm, Hausamann. The Halle Forest is quite a remarkable place in the Spring. It inspired me to spend a lot of time on this drawing while creating the textures in both additive and subtractive drawing techniques.
    Posted to Landscape (Forum) by Katherine Nelson on 19 Mar 2015
  • nudes + anatomy in charcoal

    Hi all, would like some comments on my latest work: http://donttelldad.wordpress.com/2014/12/08/charcoal-works-night-people-part-ii/ hope you can spare some time to have a look! cheers!
    Posted to Portraiture (Forum) by joannachy on 9 Dec 2014
  • lookin for advice

    I have attached 2 portraits i have recently done. The first in pencil and the second in charcoal. I do pencil more often whereas I haven't done charcoal in about 5 years. Is there any advice anyone can give to take my portraits to the next level? I look at some peoples portraits and it looks as if...
    Posted to Portraiture (Forum) by bWhit25 on 15 Nov 2011
  • Sergio Lopez - Figure Drawings in Charcoal and other Media

    Hello- Welcome to my thread where I will be posting my charcoal drawings. I plan on updating this weekly as I go figure sketching every week.
    Posted to Figurative (Forum) by themainloop on 28 Feb 2011
  • Landscape and Texture in Charcoal

    Tranquility 2009 Charcoal on Paper by Katherine Nelson www.katherinenelsonart.com The Bluebell Forest in Halle, Belgium is an interesting subject in which to create texture expressing a mass of bluebell blooms on the floor of the forest. The texure here is created by alternating kneaded erasers, pencil...
    Posted to Landscape (Forum) by Katherine Nelson on 15 Apr 2010