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  • alkyd paint as oil primer

    can i use a regular titanium white alkyd paint as substitute for oil ground? can i put it onto my gessoed canvas and use it after a few days? would the effect be the same and would there be no problem in the future?
    Posted to Art Technical Q & A (Forum) by xndr on 12 Oct 2009
  • Art Technical Q&A: Choosing preprimed canvas

    Choosing a Preprimed Canvas I want to buy a pre-primed canvas and stretch it myself. Are there advantages to using double-primed canvas over single-primed canvas, oil over acrylic priming, or linen over cotton canvas? These choices are more a matter of individual preference than quality. After weighing...
    Posted to Art Technical Q & A (Forum) by American Artist on 10 Mar 2009
  • Art Technical Q&A: Properly Stretching a Canvas

    Properly Stretching a Canvas Q: What is the best way to restretch larger canvases (30" x 40" and up) that have become warped and will not lie flat against the wall? A: Because there are a number of probable causes for a canvas to warp, twist, or come off the wall, it is advisable to remove...
    Posted to Art Technical Q & A (Forum) by American Artist on 27 Feb 2009