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  • Hey There, Artists!

    Hey all! My name is Megan Crandell & I work for a pre-ICO medical cannabis collective in Sherman Oaks, CA called The Higher Path. We love to be involved in our community, so we are looking for local LA artists to display & sell their work in our lobby. Our collective has over 5,000 patients,...
    Posted to Welcome! (Forum) by TheHigherPathLA on 23 Jan 2015
  • Hey....Check me out....yes you.....HEY.....

    Hi there. I'm Pat. It is nice to meet you. I am a single dad of three little mini-artists. They kick around my studio and issue critiques from their easels like small little crotchety college professors. They are my world. There is no Barney the Purple Dinosaur on my TV...I have no cable. I have...
    Posted to Welcome! (Forum) by Harden1313 on 22 Jan 2014
  • Re: Hello from SouthEast Florida

    Hi, nice to meet you. I hear from a lot of artists in your area when I run our annual Miniature show. We get a lot of entries from Florida.
    Posted to Welcome! (Forum) by Starrpoint on 2 Dec 2010
  • New from West Virginia

    Hi, I am from West Virginia, Although I have read the newsletter for ages I never clicked on the forum button before. I draw and paint and take photos. I also work with an artist co-op here, pormoting original artwork and local artists. Each year I help run 3 open entry shows as well as solo shows and...
    Posted to Welcome! (Forum) by Starrpoint on 2 Dec 2010
  • Hello

    I just joined a couple of days ago and am finding lotsof interesting things and beautiful artwork . I work full time as a teachers assistant with special children and paint as often as I can . I have a website and also sell on Etsy . I hope you will look at my work and let me know what you think .
    Posted to Welcome! (Forum) by Joyce Brandstetter Couch on 25 Feb 2010
  • How to integrate Music into my art (currently studying fauvism)

    It is a first. Am a long subscriber to Am.Artist and still studying at the Academy of Fine Arts. Born a musician, I feel I am ready to create on my own however I need suggestions as to HOW TO INTEGRATE MUSIC INTO MY ART - I am currently studying FAUVISM (with almost pure colors-oil is my medium). Thank...
    Posted to Welcome! (Forum) by REINE BEAULIEU on 22 Jan 2010
  • Hi, I am also new

    Hello every one. I am from New Zealand and I really enjoy reading the articles in the magazine and on the website. I have only seriously started painting the last two years and am very excited about it and keen to learn. I paint mainly in acrylics, but like drawing also and the challenge of water colour...
    Posted to Welcome! (Forum) by Dora_m on 21 Oct 2009
  • Hello From Toronto - Canada

    Hi there, I am a visual artist from Toronto, in Ontario - Canada. Although I am originally from Montreal (French Canadian). Anyhow, I saw the ad in the magazine (I am a subscriber) and I decided to join the forums. I was just looking for your feedback and perspective on the member/online version? How...
    Posted to Welcome! (Forum) by SuzieB5 on 1 Sep 2009
  • Hello Everyone!

    Hello, I am new to the site. I am a art student, but currently deployed. My major is oil painting, I really like the traditional approach to painting of the old masters. The last semester before my deployment I focused on a question for my work. Where is the line between painting and drawing. This was...
    Posted to Welcome! (Forum) by peter_ahart on 23 Aug 2009

    I see a rooster painted in star and stripe pattern including a eagle plus many famous candies or other products in star and stripe decorative containers or bags that might be collectible or good subject matter for art. I wonder what a still life can be like if you have all star and stripe items, a clever...
    Posted to Welcome! (Forum) by mari newman on 2 Jul 2009