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  • Sketch portraits

    Hello y'all. I would love for you guys to comment/come with constructive criticism on these sketch portraits that I did of a male and a female.
    Posted to Drawing (Forum) by AndreasL22 on 20 Sep 2014
  • Just another begginer looking for critique! :D

    Hi everyone! I must say that I'm not looking for anyone to tell me: Well, it's not too bad, I it's fine, keep it up! :D Nope, I need critiques. I know my drawings are terrible, so I would like to get some advices from people who know about this. I'm a 16 year old girl from Spain. I've...
    Posted to Beginners (Forum) by Daniela75lm on 7 Sep 2014
  • my first digital painting and drawing ever: is it any good?

    Posted to Beginners (Forum) by JTdigital on 30 Aug 2014
  • some critique please about my new oil painting!

    Hi, would like to have some reviews about my latest abstract oil painting, size 70cmx100cm. the idea of the painting came from bright summer days, when nature is full of colors. I've been painting with oil for couple of months now and absolutely love it, still got so much to learn. Looking forward...
    Posted to Critique My Artwork (Forum) by Ivita on 30 Jul 2014
  • Are you looking for ARTS?

    Hello All, The mighty deserts represent the power of infinity, where you don’t get to see the finish line but are always encouraged to find one. This artwork is those people who love exploring the sands. http://creativedee.com/shop/dalia-alwan/desert-voices-3/
    Posted to Critique My Artwork (Forum) by Sheshu on 24 Jul 2014
  • Re: Drawing advices for coloring pencils?

    Hello, im somewhat new to colored pencil aswell. Ive learned a lot from blogs, youtube, and trial and error. First I bought a small set of prismacolor primere colored pencils from my local art store, later on I bought a set of 72 from amozon. Also, try to find some blending stumps and the prismacolor...
    Posted to Beginners (Forum) by lindseyd976 on 6 Jul 2014
  • Drawing Advice for a Beginner?

    I'm pretty sure I would be considered a beginner because I don't really know much about art. Now, I sort of have 2 or 3 questions. Number 1: What kind of art style is it if I like draw animals and nature and stuff? And do you know of any artists with similar drawing types that I can like follow...
    Posted to Beginners (Forum) by Jiya_Saeed on 28 Jun 2014
  • How to get a job as an Illustrator/Artist?

    Hello! I'm a bit new here so sorry if I posted in the wrong section haha But basically... I'm 20 years old living in the UK, Liverpool and have always wanted to be an artist. Whether it be illustrating books, freelance, working for a company etc. But I just don't know where to start... The...
    Posted to Outside the Studio (Forum) by Moustachi on 26 Jun 2014
  • I Need Art Advice

    After starting to get back into drawing I thought I'd post some videos on youtube to see what other people thought, I know it's not that good but I really wanted some advice on how to improve, however as I suspected, my channel hasn't really taken off with very few views in the couple of...
    Posted to Beginners (Forum) by Bouy_ on 26 Jun 2014
  • Nomadic Arts Festival

    Dear Everyone I am writing to you in regards to your engagement in the arts and culture and that I think you might be interested in the current project we are setting up. Nomadic Arts Festival is a new experimental festival focusing on performance and live art - associated with In Situ Foundation, Pracownia...
    Posted to Member Opportunities & Buy/Sell (Forum) by Nomadic on 18 Jun 2014