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  • Make Progress Art Competition!

    Passionate about progressive causes and art? Interested in meeting p ... eers from all around the country with similar interests? Submit an art piece displaying what progress means to you, and win a free round trip ticket and hotel stay in Washington, D.C. for Generation Progress' 2015 Make Progress...
    Posted to Art Competitions (Forum) by johnsonmartese on 9 Jun 2015
  • HI newbie here

    Ive been following artist daily for a while now, but i never thought about participathing in the forums. Well today is about making changes and doing things differently than I normally would. I like to say thank you in advance for reading my post and I hope to make lots of friendships here. I am always...
    Posted to Welcome! (Forum) by joychaos on 1 Jun 2015
  • Artist submissions for compination

    Hello I am Austin, and I am with Broko which is a wake boarding and snowboarding company and we are holding an event for artists to communicate with us and submit artwork. If it looks professional and we like it we will add it to our merchandising and sell it on shirts where people can aww and enjoy...
    Posted to Art Competitions (Forum) by Broko on 13 May 2015
  • Hello!

    Hi! I am new to the site. I thought I would begin with an introduction. My name is Amanda. I have been painting since I was young. I have been painting professionally for around 3 years, I am also a published poet. My education consists of "what happens when I do this"....the most fun way to...
    Posted to Oil (Forum) by A.Baker.art on 22 Apr 2015
  • Who are your usual clients?

    Hi everyone! I'm starting a company and I need help learning about the clients that usually commission artists for art. The website for the company acts as a online art commission platform for people and artists artists to meet and create art. So basically for artists we help you easily find art...
    Posted to Feedback and Suggestions (Forum) by Gareth Craven on 15 Apr 2015
  • Let me show you how to Draw a realistic pencil portrait

    I Am not a gifted artist in any way, But a lot of practice and patience can make you seem different. Have you ever felt stuck? That you weren't fulfilling your artistic potential? i know i have. Have you been spending most of your time practicing without attaining the results you want ? well here...
    Posted to Drawing (Forum) by smylie on 14 Apr 2015
  • Re: Can I get some critiques on these drawings and give some tips on how I can improve?

    All 3 drawings look nice. I advise you to add more details and shadows and highlights. Go further than drawing just outlines. For example about the shoe drawing...add some shades and highlights and texture to the white part of the shoe. You filled the inside of the shoe with black, do the same with the...
    Posted to Beginners (Forum) by jkristiina on 14 Apr 2015
  • Hello from the UK!

    Hey everyone, My name is Gareth and I joined this forum because I want to get involved with the artistic community! I'm not an artist myself but actually a student starting up a business called Hire an Artist, an online art commission platform for people and artists to meet and create art! I'm...
    Posted to Welcome! (Forum) by Gareth Craven on 9 Apr 2015
  • critique my art

    hi! i'm AgonZ and artist of sorts, still need a lot of improvement, but i keep working hard in getting better. so i decided to get just my line art on forums so experimented artist could help me out criticizing my work, so i can improve. my style is pretty similar to the american comic book, and...
    Posted to Critique My Artwork (Forum) by AgonZ on 28 Mar 2015
  • suggestions: water colour painting

    Dear friends, I am fond of water colour painting. Started with landscape painting practice. It is one of my paintings. I will appreciate if you provide your suggestions/tips for improvement. Thank you & Regards, Tushar K Mumbai India
    Posted to Landscape (Forum) by tusharkhairnar on 11 Mar 2015