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  • oil portrait

    Guillermo Garzon, 24" x 30# Oil on Canvas> Can't figure out how to get picture up : ( www.jenniferbilek.com
    Posted to Portraiture (Forum) by jbportraits on 11 Jan 2012
  • Re: Reflections in Red

    Thanks Jonathan. Here's the finished painting
    Posted to Still Life (Forum) by K. Henderson Fine Art on 5 Jan 2011
  • Reflections in Red

    Reflections in Red , work in progress, 24 x 24 I hope to have this finished today!. I really love the rich red color! http://khendersonart.blogspot.com
    Posted to Still Life (Forum) by K. Henderson Fine Art on 3 Jan 2011
  • My style of portrait!

    Hi, i'm started painting in oil a year ago. And these are some pieces. Thanks for your all comments!
    Posted to Portraiture (Forum) by banhxukem on 21 Mar 2010
  • Happy Hour - oil painting

    Happy Hour , oil on canvas, 20" x 24". This is one of my most challenging paintings yet. The draped black and white striped fabric reflects off the silver and brass goblets and cocktail shaker. The transparent glasses also pick up the reflections and the ambient colors. Wow this was a real...
    Posted to Still Life (Forum) by K. Henderson Fine Art on 27 Jun 2009
  • The Watchful Heart - American Indian Oil painting

    The Watchful Heart is oil on canvas, 20" x 30". The Warrior stands against the background of the Grasslands of the plains. He is painted with white clay and black and red accents. The American Indians painted themselves for ceremonial reasons, personal recognition or protection from the sun...
    Posted to Portraiture (Forum) by K. Henderson Fine Art on 15 Jun 2009
  • Blue Vase and Silk

    Blue Vase and Silk is 30" x 30" oil on canvas. This painting took FOREVER to complete. I started it with a grisalle underpainting (a black and white painting) and then applied layers and layers of color to the vase, each layer having to dry before the next layer was applied. Many challenges...
    Posted to Still Life (Forum) by K. Henderson on 9 Jun 2009
  • Ball Jar

    Ball Jar is 24″ x 18″ oil on canvas. I had intended to use the Rose Red as an under glaze and come back with a cadmium red on top but it is such a strking color, I kept it as the final glaze. I like the contrast between the gray background and jar an the vivid colors of the candy
    Posted to Still Life (Forum) by K. Henderson on 8 Jun 2009