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  • "Thunder"

    Please take a look at this drawing. It is the picture showing a horse I lost on December 15th 2014...he was only 7 years old. Drawing this picture of him from when he was just a bay, helped me cope with the loss. I would appreciate all comments and thought on the drawing. Thanks
    Posted to Pastel (Forum) by 2006thunder on 5 Sep 2014
  • I am a beginner

    Posted to Pastel (Forum) by Dede Neni on 18 Apr 2014
  • Self portrait... HELP... critique my work please:)

    Hey I am working on a series of self portraits and this is my first painting in Pastel. I would love to get some honest critique about this painting cause it feels like there is something missing ... but I cant really figure out what.
    Posted to Pastel (Forum) by Nivvi on 4 Sep 2013
  • Re: Medium for underpainting

    I paint on watercolor paper, several layers of gesso with marble dust in the top layer so gesso for tooth. I've switched to oil pastels but I use the same surface for both dusties and oilies. I also use canvas panels, hardboard panels, birch plywood all gessoed and some texture added such as marble...
    Posted to Pastel (Forum) by halsart on 6 Jun 2013
  • sanded pastel paper

    My instructor has recommended preparing a sanded surface myself when I complained of the difficulty of finding sanded pastel papers, but he is primarily an oil painter, and offered no instructions. What paper/board, what substance should I use to get the sanded texture?
    Posted to Pastel (Forum) by njMargaret on 24 Feb 2013
  • Re: pastels...do you have a q?

    Helllloooooo!!! This is my first time at artistdaily.com and I love the page. I have some questions about pastels. I never used this media and, before I get a pastels box, I'd like to know: 1) What´s your opinion about fixing a pastel painting? I searched all over the web and I found many different...
    Posted to Pastel (Forum) by Lore9018 on 10 Aug 2012
  • Re: pastel pencils

    I use derwent pastels pencils, they are useful for detailed work, you can keep your hands clean. You need a special sharpener as they are difficult to sharpen. I use them in combination with other pastels (derwent, contè, rembrandt) I've just finished this
    Posted to Pastel (Forum) by pagnes on 10 Oct 2011
  • Re: The Ballerinas Before Rehearsal

    i'm sorry, i have a lot going on in rl around here so it takes me a while to get back to the forums sometimes. I usually like to use a pastel pencil for sketching out a painting--sketching was how i first started out in art as a young child and i find it easier to use a pencil then a hard pastel...
    Posted to Pastel (Forum) by DianeC14 on 7 Jan 2011
  • Oil pastel in warm tones

    This pastel was previously shown on the Wet Canvas web site. I'm showing here just to say Hi and hope to contribute more in the future. 11 by 14 inches, 140 LB, watercolor paper, oil pastels (Erengis and Senneliers)
    Posted to Pastel (Forum) by halsart on 30 Dec 2010
  • Re: I LOVE Pastels!!

    [quote user="thornburgart"]A recently sold pastel of mine. I Love Pastel!! [/quote]
    Posted to Pastel (Forum) by thornburgart on 6 May 2010