Advice needed on charcoal drawing of grass please!!

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shadesofpale wrote
on 8 Sep 2014 4:36 PM

Hullo there!  Am completely new to the forum and rather urgently need some advice on a charcoal project I'm working on.  I've done a few small charcoal projects before but this is definitely the most complex and there are a couple of areas I'm getting a bit stuck on.  I need to have it finished within the next couple of days so any advice anyone could give would be very much appreciated!

Here is a link to the picture I'm working on (actually two links, not sure which works best, but they're the same picture!).  What I'm struggling with is a) the grass effect and b) how to get the main part of the building looking good, because so far it either looks like a communist block from '1984' or just plain rubbish.  Apart from that the rest is so far going well, all the outline is in place and I think I should be at least alright with the rest!  But any advice on the other two critical points much much appreciated.

Many thanks!

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