New to expressing my artistic side.

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LittleDove12 wrote
on 19 Jul 2014 10:59 PM



I have recently been feeling the gravitational pull of my artistic side. As a young kid (9-11) I would sketch and most of it would be relatively good. I never took classes outside of the mandatory classes in the public school curriculum, although I was interested in it. During these art classes I excelled in sculpting and sketching. I always got 100% on my title pages when those were still a thing. I then took shop in Junior high and discovered a dark room that never got used and spent my entire semester in that room. My teacher tailored my projects to revolve around photography and it was a blast. Most of it was abstract, I would arrange items based on how I felt that day and try to capture all of it in one shot. The dark room was closed down the following year and I got into sports and science. 

I grew up in a poor home where self-expression in an abnormal fashion was judged harshly. It still is but I am older now and have become extremely independent from this environment. However, living that life as a child played a major role in my decision to go to school for a safe career. I have completed university and have been in said career for 2 years and I am itching to release my artistic urges. 

I seem to be quite an emotional person, sometimes irrationally emotional. A channel for my thoughts and feelings is necessary and I have yet to properly exercise a valve like that. The bulk of optimism for finding this valve lies with art. I am interested in sketching and drawing as well as oil painting.

I have some experience in sketching and drawing. Nothing recent.. I have done some research and I am learning the techniques through reading. I hope to gain some advice here as well.

I have no experience with oil painting. This topic I have more research on that the former. However, I wish to explore this a little later once I have solved my current issue. Which brings me to my question:


How do you gather all of your thoughts long enough to think of how to draw them out??? or is it a start here and see where it takes you type of thing?

Also any references for study guides are more than welcome. 

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on 20 Jul 2014 1:16 PM


First, let me welcome you to Artist Daily. I'm sure I can speak for all of us when I say that we are happy to have you on board!

You sound like you have good understanding of yourself and your need to express yourself creatively. Give yourself time to develop the skills you need to share your ideas with those around you. You are right in starting with drawing. As Michelangelo said —drawing is the fountainhead from which all the other visual arts flow.

I keep saying this because it is so true, "You lean to draw by drawing." Sketch and draw every time you have a chance. Check for books on drawing. Here at Artist Daily there are free books on drawing for you to download. Check the home page.

Best of luck—


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