Critique my painting (warning:beginner/non-artist :P)

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Gemsi5 wrote
on 12 Jun 2014 3:05 AM

Yup.I painted this.I truly love and appreciate art in many forms. Props to all you talented artists! :)

My girlfriend told me that she likes this painting. She swears she loves it. lol biased. She's the actual artist unlike me and I think she's just being nice haha. I'm not even a beginner artist...this is basically the result of my insomnia boredom and being surrounded by art supplies :p anyway I was just curious..


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on 12 Jun 2014 2:07 PM

Well, I like it too.  I can't critique your painting, letting you know what works, or what doesn't.  I just find it interesting.  At least now you know what to do on those sleepless nights.  Did you enjoy the journey?   You may have opened a door for yourself.

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