Painting large area's of colour from half pans

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aramus wrote
on 6 Jun 2014 8:56 AM



I'm trying out a technique where i mask a drawing and paint over it with watercolour. The problem is I don't seem to succeed in applying large area's of intense (pigmented) colour with a big (squirel) brush from my half pan set. The format of the drawing/painting is +- 34cm(13.3inch) by 37cm(14.5inch). Are there any tips on applying large area's of intense colour with a big brush from half pans ?

Looking forward to hear your suggestions,


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on 6 Jun 2014 11:23 AM


Let me restate the problem as I understand it: You have masked of some areas of a sheet of watercolor paper. You are having problems applying intense color over a large area working from half pan colors using a large brush.

Here are a few suggestions. Do not use the same brush for getting color from the pans and mixing as you use for actual painting. If you have a large area to paint you need a large amount of paint ready to work with. The paint should be the correct color and intensity—ready to use. This means that you should use a medium size "mixing brush" to get the color from the pan and mix it with water to the amount and intensity you need in a saucer or watercolor "tray pallet". Always test the mix of color on an old scrap of watercolor paper. It is always better to have more paint mixed than you need.

From the information available, this should be a help. However, there are a lot of variables in working with watercolor. Be sure you are using a brush that is large enough for the area you want to paint. Be sure you are using the best materials you can afford. This is especially true regarding the paint and paper.

If you have more questions on any of this please let us know.

Good Luck—

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