Covered in oil paint in Wisconsin

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RWMcRae wrote
on 21 Apr 2014 5:52 PM

Hey all! Found this site a little while ago, and after lurking around a bit decided to open an account. It seems like a good community and a great place to discuss techniques (I've especially enjoyed your posts ThickPainting).


A little about me: I have done photography for a long time, but got bored of weddings, modeling portfolios, and family albums. Did some stuff for Suicide Girls, then some advertising, then a bunch of contests on As much as I love photography, I started getting bored of it.


Since then I've had a million hobbies, but have really loved learning painting technique. I did some realism, landscapes, and such but got bored of them as another version of photography for me. I have the highest respect for the people that do them well, but for myself I'd rather snap a picture of it than paint it. So that transitioned to trying my hand at abstract art, which I LOVE. I love everything about spreading and mixing oil paints, pouring acrylic paints into water, and spreading a pour around. Oils are by far my favorite, but the rest has been a lot of fun.


I have a website in my signature if anyone is interested, and a Facebook page through there. Still building a fan base and having fun getting to know the art community around here. I've done some selling and have my art hanging up at a few different restaurants/bars/salons around here ready to buy if anyone wants them. Really I'm just glad to have a place to store them when I run out of room. lol


I look forward to getting to know you all!

Art: (n) Long periods of staring at a canvas, interrupted by frantic bouts of activity followed by swearing.

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