work in progress, is it correct proportionatly

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on 3 Apr 2014 7:45 PM

here's another one, thankfully still in progress so I can fix well if needed....hoping all the proportions are correct thus far...I know it still needs more texture and contrast but I want to make sure the base is right first. Thank you!!!!


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on 3 May 2014 11:19 PM


I think it looks good.  Actually, I like it as it is, with nothing further added!*  but I saw another picture you made, and I can tell you are going to add much more interesting stuff. My suggestion is this:  try not to worry about being perfect -- do what feels right, go with your gut -- don't judge yourself as you're making it.  I suspect that if you do that, it will actually come out better, more authentic and less over-worked.

*note:  personally, I would like the eyes to have irises, and appear a little more hopeful, but that's your call

you have a very graceful, velvety approach that reminds me of G. O'Keefe!


Thanks :)

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