Glazing: Medium & Drying Time

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on 7 Mar 2014 11:39 AM

When glazing of a portrait in oil:

1. What is/are the best medium(s)? Linsee oil? Other?
2. If mixing - how to go about it, including quantities (percentages, etc.)?
3. What's a good medium, but dries fairly quickly. I know some artists wait many days before moving onto the second application, the third, etc. but surely there's a product that does the job well and dries within a week or two.
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WFMartin wrote
on 31 Aug 2014 10:41 PM

I see this question has been sitting here for quite some time, now, but here is my answer:

I use a medium for glazing, and layering that I invented for my own use.  It keeps my palette open for an entire day, yet it dries within a day or two, once the paint has been applied to canvas.

This is my recipe:

1 portion Linseed Oil

1 portion Walnut Oil

1 portion Venice Turpentine (the RESIN in this mixture)

2 portions Oil Of Spike Lavender (the SOLVENT in this mixture)

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