February Challenge # 40 GALLERY

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Claudia S. wrote
on 28 Feb 2014 4:44 AM

The following artwork was posted by our members in the Challenge # 40 - February 2014 thread. Thank you to everyone who participated in the challenge.


Posts are sorted in alpabetical order by name of the artist.



 Thank you Bonnie for taking part with you lovely painting of your granddaughter and sending us the lovely Valentine greetings. You always find the right and perfect words to comment on the artwork of others.

1st post, water colour, app 8x10 on arches w/c paper.

2nd post, Happy Valentine's Day, graphite 3B pencil on Heavyweight Vellum Drawing paper and is 7 x 7.5".

3rd post, Shells, Canson Mi-Tteintes Pastel paper, 8x6 with derwent - graphitint and the white is Primo - Bianco charcoal.


Thank you and welcome Carol. Your Mans Cave made me think if I want to redecorate my house. Your copies are masterpieces.

1st post, Lady and Her Knight, by CLLewis.

[After Frederic William Burton's "Hellelil and Hildebrand, the Meeting on the Turret Stairs" (1864)].

16" x 20"

Acrylic paint.

(Sold; Private Collection)

2nd post, husband's 'man cave' at home

3rd post, Carol:" Cave painting in my home (left side of image)... I'm including the source image (right side of image)... "

4th post, doorknocker, sketch


Thank you Catherine, for putting in so much work. This is a very special subject to me. Your studies are excellent.

1st post, 4x4 inch, using a mechanical pencil and a putty eraser on a piece of paper that is 18x12.

2nd post combo image. on sketch paper and mixed media paper

3rd post, 9x9 inch multimedia sketch book done by drawing and then putting watercolor onto the drawing

4th post, 9x9 inch multimedia sketch book


Thank you Charlie, for taking part in this month's Challenge with comments and your 2 wonderful car paintings.

1st post

"37 La Salle", 9" x 12" watercolor, 7-09-2013

2nd post

"Bus", 9" x 12" acrylic on mat board, 5-14-2013



1st post

"Fasenickel" encaustic on wood panel,

2nd post, colored pencil of the Fasching/carneval characters. 26cm x 21cm,

3rd post, "Bavarian still life" encaustic on wood panel

4th post, "knock knock", colored pencil.

5th post, paint tube studie, thumbnails. colored pencil

6th post, Acrylic 29" x 45"

7 th post, Nautilus, water soluble wax pastel,

8th post, kitten, colored pencil


Thank you Cristina, for dropping in and showing the painting with the warm, loving valentines feeling.

1st post, Cristinas humble version of wonderful Sargent's work (Paul Cesar Helleu sketching with his wife Alice Guerin - 1889)



Thank you Geri, for taking up the challenge on the paint tube and the still life with the crystal candleholder. Great job.

1st post, Stillife, charcoal on 9x12 on green Mi-Teintes paper.

2nd post, TUBE GRÜNE FARBE.  It is colored pencil on a 7x7.5 inch piece of scrap mat board.


 Thank you Jen, for posting all the work in progress. It helps others see how to solve problems on the way to the finished painting. The roman soldier with horse is one of my husbands favorites.

1st post, roman soldier, step one, work in progress, 12x16 oil

2nd post, Roman soldier, work in progress, 12x16 oil.

3rd post, finished version of the roman soldier, 12x16 oil.

4th post , rose, work in progress, oil

5 th post, rose, oil

6th post boy reading, work in progress, oil

7th post, boy reading, work in progress, oil.



 Thank you Joyce, for sharing the childhood memories with us and a wonderful painting of the place you grew up.

1st post, Sketch girl on tree (childhood memories)

2nd post, Sketch roller-skates (childhood memories)

3rd     post, Shoshone Falls

4th post, rose, watercolour painting


Thank you Karen, for posting the anniversary gift. I'm so thrilled that one of my photos gave you the idea to make that very special painting.

1st post, piano in progress.

2nd post, Piano finished version, Acrylic and paper on 8x10 canvas board.


 Thank you Kim, for sharing this special watercolor of "Friends recalling" . I know you still have one painting in progress and I will be happy to post it here soon. Oh, and bringing all the bears together for a tea party.

1st post

"Friends Recalling" -(9x12 approx.), watercolor

2nd post, Watercolor, ACEO size


 Thank you Marsha, for helping me through the setup of all this. I know you were busy this month. The work you posted is wonderful.

1st post , Doorknocker (April 2013 challenge), pastel 3.5 x 4.5

2nd post, window, watercolor

3rd post, paint tube, watercolor


 Thank you Sarah, what can I say, you posted so many beautiful pieces of art. I will treasure this rose. Thank you helping others with your expertise.

1st post A red/yellow rose watercolour

2nd post, "wasted", stillife, watercolour.

3rd post, watercolour sea/landscape off the coast of Sutherland. Sarah: "A place I love dearly".

4th post, 0" x 6.5". water colour of two ref. photos


5th post, Paint tubes, watercolour


6th post semi abstract watercolour

7th post, favourite things, acrylic on canvas board



Thank you Shammeer, for taking up the challenge and painted my homeland with the medium, which was new to you. (water colour) Landscape, architecture and horse and knight are all well done.

1st post, Water color. River, landscape

2nd post, Water color on A3 size paper, Town of Kipfenberg

3rd post, Water color, Knight


 Thank you Sonia, for taking part in this month challenge with your beautiful still life of the pear and apple.

1st post, coloured pencil, didn't photograph or scan very well.  scan.  (24cm x 15cm).


 Thank you Susan, for sharing the lovely painting of your pool. Most of us were wishing we could call that home.

1st post, w/c 9x12, "my pool"

I hope I got nothing mixed up. If I did, my apologizes and please let me know so I can fix the mistake. It was my pleasure to host this month's challenge.




C&C always welcome


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