legitimate way to show?

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on 13 Feb 2014 4:29 PM

I am new to the forum here, less than 1 month, and i think one of my posts has gotten lost, did not post, or has been removed. I will try again.

I am trying to become an established professional artist and learning about everything, how to make my art, find my style and voice, be a responsible businesswoman, etc. I got an offer to be part of a group show and wonder if this is a legitimate way to build my artistic career.

the gallery has been around several decades in a prominent art area in a big city in the US. the gallery putting this exhibition together is based in sweden, where i live. 20 artists total will participate. but we have to pay for the freight to and back and the services to install the show and printing of the catalogue. there were 3 different professional gallery owners involved in the selection of the applications to participate.

any advice? how do you build an audience, sponsors, reputation? another gallery owner here who i had my paintings at for a while said this is a good opportunity for me to build my artistic resume. She says selling is not the main objective--being seen and getting some feedback on my art, and making contacts, as well as adding this exhibition to the list of places I have shown my work or sold it.

what about contests? like the ones posted here on this forum? is it better to try to get in some of these instead?


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on 13 Feb 2014 7:30 PM


I believe you posted the question you are asking in response to the thread, "How Many Artists Do Not Enter Competitions". The thread was in the "Art Competitions" forum. Check it out because both  JDWooldridge and I answered your question at some length.

If you are still having problems finding the posts from JD and myself or if you have more questions please let us know.


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