Self- taught and wanna learn more.

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Pushush wrote
on 3 Feb 2014 12:37 PM

Hey I was never really interested in drawing before but then there was a time when i was doing nothing then i started drawing my face from my i.d. turned out to be horrible, but yeah, i started out from there and i still draw until now. well mostly sketch. i find it hard to control my hand sometimes and there are days when i SERIOUSLY can't draw properly, like i'm frustrated or something. well the thing is i wanna get REALLY better at expressing art this way, but i don't really know how or where to start... i've downloaded the eBooks also and hopefully it will help me. so any tips if where should i start? should it be sketching drawing or the like??? 

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Jamie43 wrote
on 16 Feb 2014 1:57 PM

I have just gotten back to my sketchbook and I found a few "practice pages" that I had forgotten about!  My step-sister is an artist and she sat down with me and gave me a few impromptu lessons.

I have also been checking for amateur artist meetups in Montreal and plan to go check a few out!  We have a cool thing here called "Drink and Draw", which is an informal get together for people who like to draw!  Lots of great folks who are all very helpful to each other.


I hope you find some good ways to improve your skills!  :)

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