Alfredo Garcia showcases his collection, "Abstract Elegance"

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rachel007 wrote
on 26 Jan 2014 12:53 AM

Alfredo Garcia is a perceptive assemblage artist based in California. While many critics have referred to his work as " highly moving", Garcia never intended to create art with a specific purpose or goal in mind. He simply finds an innate beautify in the visual patterns and earthly blends of colors, which represent his responses to everyday social situations. He consistently employs this inspiration into his poetic assemblages. His works reveal patterns that seem to map out the tone and nuances of his social experiences and connections to his environment. He proudly refers to this trademark as his depiction of "Abstract Elegance".

Viewers may recognize the elegant subtleties of Garcia's abstractions through his sensitive use of assemblage. Garcia carefully intertwines found materials into his compositions to create a sensuality and tangibility that mimics nature. This interest in nature is distinctively shown through Garcia's use of color and imagery. He reveals a distinctive oxidized, yet muted quality in his colors, which creates a calm rustic feel. Moreover, his use of rich textural surfaces and organic shapes evokes a oneness with the environment.

Garcia's art is also inspired by the renowned film, "The Count of Monte Cristo". As the film brilliantly demonstrates the value of perseverance, this moving lesson is a driving force in Garcia's work. As a result, each piece reveals a positive energy. From beyond the muted colors, there is a murky beauty that rises from an uplifting use of lines and patterns. Ultimately, Garcia's abstract works are deeply charged with elegance, giving his collection sophistication and mysticism.



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