Why I love drawing

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mattjanacone wrote
on 23 Jan 2014 4:47 PM

When I first began this blog some 3 years ago, I blogged out of necessity. Writers, I had heard should have websites and blogs. So, I blogged about writing, then I blogged specifically about screenwriting, then I did not really blog. Instead I posted short videos I made--if that is even considered blogging. Maybe video blogging.

I had been experimenting with video with a $200 JVC Everio camcorder, making videos on a range of subjects and mediums until just recently I made a discovery.

What many of you might not already know about me is that I am an artist. I love to draw, and it is something that comes very natural to me, and I have been drawing since I was a child.

So, just recently I have decided to make a video of me drawing a female face. I have discovered that I really enjoy drawing female faces, so I have added to more drawings of female faces to my YouTube channel.

Do not misunderstand me. I love screenwriting. I am not going through a mid-career crisis, but, when I am in between scripts I thought I would fill in the downtime by drawing. Some writers might read. I draw.

Take Woody Allen, for example. Some of you might not know this about Woody, but when Woody is not screenwriting and making films, he is playing the clarinet in a jazz band--his jazz band. He even has a DVD called Wild Man Blues.

So, between script projects I think I will be drawing faces--in particular female faces. It is interesting. I love writing about female main characters. It turns out I love drawing them too.

Visit my YouTube channel 'Matt Janacone' or visit my www.mattjanaconedraws.blogspot.com

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Jamie43 wrote
on 16 Feb 2014 2:02 PM

Great post!  I don't feel like I have any innate ability for drawing, but I love it and try my best to seek out advice and keep drawing.  Please keep posting videos!  They are a great way for people like me to watch someone else's process and try to learn from it.

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