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jayarkay wrote
on 20 Dec 2013 12:12 PM

Here's a piece I thought worth sharing from two years ago.

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Mike Barr

Fast food diet

by paintingsuccess , February 25, 2010—12:00 AM

We live in a world that wants things quickly. A drive through the suburbs is now littered with fast food outlets that satisfies our craving for food as quickly as possible. Even 5 minutes in a fast-food queue will have us tapping our feet impatientlly!

I believe art is going down a similar path. The lure of shortcuts to painting success is to be found in most art magazines. DVDs promise to have you painting like a pro in no time at all. Professional secrets are revealed that will make you a better painter, or so it is implied. Workshops abound in which artists can rub shoulders with professionals and perhaps gain some of that magic dust that makes them paint so well.

I have done many painting demonstrations in which I have revealed all I know while I paint. My family have asked on occasions why I should divulge such things, because surely all these aspiring artists are going to paint like you. The fact is, there is no one that paints like me! If artists thought for one minute that publishing a DVD would have thousands of people being able to paint like them, then production would grind to a trickle!

The one thing that every professional artist knows, is that they have attained to their own level of expertise through many, many hours with a brush. All they can provide for others are pointers in their own journey toward excellence.

The message is, is that we can gorge ourselves with every teaching aid possible and attend workshops all year round - but it is the time we spend with the brush that counts. The brain will digest the treasures of painting through trial and error of working with colour. It's a wonderful feast if we can accept the time it will take to digest.

Happy brush-time!



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