What can knowledge bring you?

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JRigg wrote
on 19 Dec 2013 2:23 PM

As an aspiring art educator, it is very important to me to know what it is I am going to teach. How can I teach something I am not highly experienced in? What would my students learn? What reason would they have to respect me? Kids know when we do or do not know what we are talking about. So I spent the last few months obsessing over all things art. I have learned about many artist, mediums, products, ways of storing art, etc. Here are some on the most important things I have learned from my obsession. 

Exposing ourselves to as many artists, their methods, and their works is one way of expanding our knowledge. Keeping a file of the artworks from those artists that we like allows us to view them anytime we’d like to get some inspiration. I personally keep a Pinterest board of all the artists that I love. Looking at their work helps me to get inspired and opens me up to new ideas when creating artworks.

Learning about our materials also helps us to become great artists. Understanding the possibilities and limits of the materials helps us to make beautiful artworks. It also allows us to know what material is going to be the best for the outcome we desire. Knowing about the materials also helps us to know which product to buy. Not all products available are the kinds we as professionals should use. Sometimes it is the product that makes or breaks the materials.

Its important to learn everything you can about your area of expertise. Whether that area is ceramics or painting, photography or film, etc. Knowledge opens a world of possibilities. Knowledge is creativity. In order to create the most amazing piece of art we must first learn about the medium we are using.  The best thing I have discovered through this obsession is a confidence in discussing art. Before, art was a thing that I loved, but I feared conversation because I didn’t feel like I really knew what I was talking about. This obsession brought me the confidence I need to be a great art teacher.

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on 19 Dec 2013 4:53 PM


You have posed a question and it appears that you are also answering it.

If you are looking for advise, many of our members with teaching and professional experience may be of help. If you are expressing happiness at finding answers to questions you have had, it is good that you chose Artist Daily to do so.

Best of luck—


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