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wetpaperfan wrote
on 3 Dec 2013 10:48 PM

Here is the November Gallery of Wonderful Art by Wonderful Artist...  I have put these in Alphabetical order and have included some of the W I P pieces.   I truly enjoyed the Month. Thank you to all who participated..

ALEX gave is some beautiful pieces in November Starting with her holly and Berries and ending with a WIP and ending with a very dramatic and beautiful  rendition of the Shepherd boy... 





Asusanrae contributed a brightly decorated Christmas Tree.... lit up the whole room

Bonnie warmed the room with her beautiful rendition of the Christmas Balls, ribbon and Candles

Catherine contributed several beautiful pieces including Odin the Wanderer, bright copper kettle, Jingle Bells galore, making cookies and a WIP of her deer and sleigh as well as her touch of comedy with rare Wilson animals....

Catherine show us that "we can do it"...

and they can whistle....

Charlie join us and just in time for Thanksgiving.   He posted his rendition of the turkey that was pardoned and ended up stuffed in another way instead.   he gobbled right into our hearts....


Christina M arrived and showered us with her Fall gourds and Winter Christmas Card ideas Then inspired us with a beautiful Rhapsody on a rainy day...

Cindy arrived feeling festive and gave us her beautiful  rendition of the Holly & Berries  then came Thanksgiving and Cindy provided two options plump and feathery Tom or sleek and colorful hen... hmmm   I just can't choose.

Claudia jing jing jingled her way in and we could even see part of the animal that was wearing the beautiful  jingle bells

Curtis dropped in for a welcomed visit and offered up a very lovely peaceful cold weather - weathered house scene

Elizabeth combined a bight and cheerful Cardinal on a snowy covered Holly and Berries.  Liz then started a WIP of our favorite holiday jolly fellow,  before she could completely finished she jet setted off to Florida to basque on the beach.   but here are her beginning and ending of the Santa he popped to life before our eyes.

Fred always brings a fabulous story to our challenges and he had quite a bit to say.... from modern Outhouses, stills, parties with bears , codgers and leprachans, falling down buildings, and of course Santa and Sleighs full of toys and some coal.....for those......

Geri was the first to arrive and did a delighfully bright and shiny ornament with great reflections, then showered us with a bunch of gorgeous grapes then framed them for an added POP!   They looked good enough to eat.... and finished with a dramatic Wagon created with scratch board and framed it as well.

Jen arrived early on as well with some preliminary sketches of what she planned to tackle.   But she had an advantage .....   she had HELP.....   Jinx definitely had a hand (er.... paw) in the decisions. He must have decided that Jen should include many of the challenge photos in a collage holiday piece that tells a story....  and that she did....

there was Santa carver, tray of cookies, christmas ornaments, georgie Bear, penquins,  holly and berries, ribbons, presents and even added a pre curser of what was to come in December with the little girl in the long hat and I think a train car in the background.   A great story coming out of the North pole.  

Jordan also popped in to say hello and added her wonderful drawing of the Santa Wood Carver.

Jose contributed his beautiful soft pastel collection of  festive drawings that included Jingle Bells, My Georgie Bear with his Pear, Bright Copper Kettles and the wonderful carver that creates hand carved canes for Veterans.  Thank you for your contributions Jose,   they are beautiful....

Joyce presented her lovely version of Cardinal in a tree and asked for some advice,  the outcome was a balance for her beautiful bird. She then visited the Northern Canadian Pole and let us see the northern lights bright and clear....

Karen brought her favorite friend Woolfy to the Christmas Card party as well as her brightly decorated Tree with red shiny balls and added my precious Nosey to the mix and she included in her collage the horse drawn sled, ornaments and ribbons, the November MUM or Christmas Pointsettia, a winter scene out my Las Vegas Window and threw in my husbands Upright Bass.   My husband and Cat really enjoyed this piece... whiskers and all.

Leticia brought her nice self to the gathering and she provided a beautiful warm table of lighted candles and bright shiny ornaments adorned with ribbon.   It cast a lovely glow on the whole party. 

as the alphabet goes its now my turn to add myself... Marsha...  I started out with a graphite drawing of my Santa Wood Carver as he was heavy in concentration,  then I chose one bright tree ornament to add to the mix for my Bright Copper Kettle, Then added my annual woody Santa which was actually carved by the Carver, and put my Winter High Sierra Meadow in the back ground to make a story of Santa looking for his lost reindeer. and added a late addition of "Georgie the Bear"    

Matt came along and joined this friendly gathering and wow'd us with his interpretation of the Christmas Collage... and did it with marking pens...  wow!...  he added almost everyone of the photo's in the Challenge and put them altogether to form a great story.   I do hope we get to see his finished project when he is feeling better.  but for now I love it....

Nealey just added a wonderful lino block piece to the mix so I have put it in the gallery as well.  This is a great piece....

Sarah joined in early as well and provided a beautiful Merry Christmas Card of Three Geese... oppps,, it appears that one got away and the other two are a bit alarmed as Goose is the Primary dish in that Country for dinner....  but I'm sure its just a mistake and they will find their friend....   she also added a beautiful portrait of a gorgeous cat and a Real story teller of "Hey Wait For Me.   "    which was n absolutely beautiful evening sky with a snow cover path and just the tel tale "Tails" in the distance so you knew what happened.   Then the Shining Star in the East shown down upon a very regal and proud looking Camel garbed in tassels and jewels hanging out in the desert under a stary night sky...

And as the Alphabet goes ....  

Enter now Sonia,   who added a really nice drawing of Nosey and a colorful  well done painting of the Woody Santa and a Great rendition of the Polar Bear both of which will make a great Christmas Card....

I will leave this one big as it lets me Wave bye bye and thank everyone for being a part of our November Christmas Card exchange Challenge......



Pastel Teachers' hands are usually chalk-full. (by Marsha Ross)

C & C Always Welcome

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on 4 Dec 2013 10:17 PM

Hi Mrs. Marsha!!! I hadn't had the time to even read all the posts, but what I did just now was look for the gallery.. It is the first time I have checked a challenge gallery on A.D. and..... This is woooonderful!!!! The wayyou described   the paintings, they way you expressed beautiful words and made us, well, made me, I can only speak for myself... so great and happy of having posted our paintings!!! They look so beautiful all of them and I also found many I hadn't seen in the other section! 

You are great!!! Thanks a lot!

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on 6 Dec 2013 1:13 PM

Oh, Marsha, what a wonderful gallery,you did a great job! Congratulations!

Wonderful works,great artists! Beautiful!

Thank you again for being a lovely host and wish you all the best!



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wetpaperfan wrote
on 30 Dec 2013 7:42 AM

The Christmas card were delivered safe and sound and will be treasured by all who received them.   I know it brightened my holidays to know I am among such wonderful artists that support each other in so many ways.  

I will keep posting the photos of card displays as they come in.   



Pastel Teachers' hands are usually chalk-full. (by Marsha Ross)

C & C Always Welcome

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